A simple and secure, lightweight password manager for safe keeping of all your passwords and it is 100% free. Password information is encrypted and stored locally on your device.

PassKeep is an easy and secure way to keep all your passwords with you at all times. All you have to do is remember one password which is the master password. The master password is encrypted using a salted PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2). SQLCipher is used to encrypt the database with provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption.

Key Features
  • Autofill Login Details

    PassKeep will autofill your username and password when a login screen is detected. (Android Jellybean MR2(18) and up)

  • Fingerprint Login

    Sign in to PassKeep with your fingerprint. Only on supported devices. (Android Marshamallow and up)

  • Dark Material Theme

    Switch between a light material theme and a dark material theme.

  • Custom Entries

    Input your own entries and not just the predefined fields.

  • Floating Window

    Floating window which contains your password information and floats over other applications.

  • Custom Colors

    Color code your password entries.

  • Backup And Restore DB/CSV

    Backup and restore your passwords to/from a CSV file (CSV backups are un-encrypted). You can also backup and restore your database which is encrypted.

  • Automatic DB backups

    Automatically backup your password database (user configurable time, intervals & max backups).

  • Share backups

    Share your backups to Google Drive, DropBox etc.

  • Password Generator

    Generate strong passwords. You can specify a custom character set to use, plus more options.

  • Password Strength

    PassKeep will tell you how secure your password is.

  • Multi-window

    PassKeep supports multi-window mode on Samsung (Pen Window), LG and Android Nougat devices.

  • Auto Log-out

    You can set PassKeep to automatically logout after a specified amount of time or on application exit.

  • Self Destruct

    When a certain amount of password attempts have been reached, all passwords will be deleted. This option can be toggled on and off and the user can set the maximum password attempts.

  • Fast Login

    When you have entered your correct master password you will be logged in automatically without having to press the lgoin button.

  • Block Screenshots

    When enabled screen shots cannot be taken of PassKeep.

  • Keep Screen On

    Keep the devices screen on while using PassKeep.

  • Password Categories

    Categorize passwords so that they are easier to find/manage.

A must have application for web developers or designers. Web Tools contains multiple tools neatly wrapped into one application.

WebTools contains many useful tools for web developers and designers. It includes a browser sync tools which allows you to sync your current chrome tab to your tablet, smartphone and any other android device which has WebTools installed. It has an color picker which allows you to select and save your favorite colors from images. It has a regular expression tester and a web source code viewer. WebTools is in early development so more features will be added in future updates.

Key Features
  • Browser Sync
  • Regex Tester

    Allows you to test regular expression against multiple test data.

  • Regex Replace

    Use replacement expressions to replace words in your test data.

  • Regex Reference Card

    A regular expression reference card to help you writing expressions (can be hidden from settings).

  • Color Converter

    Convert RGB and RGBA to HEX values and vice-versa. These colors can be saved and shared.

  • Color Picker

    Pick your favorite color from any image and save the color or share it. It also generates a palette of colors generated from the image

  • Source Code Viewer

    View your web pages source code which is syntax highlighted.

  • REST Client

    A REST Client to test requests and responses from a REST API.

  • Header Information

    View pages request and response header information.

  • Sync Saved Data

    Your saved data and browser sync - syncs to all logged in devices in real time.

  • Validate HTML

    Validate web pages HTML.

  • Check Links

    Validates links to make sure that none are dead or broken.

  • Web Site Ranking

    Get web sites latest Alexa ranking information.

  • Web Page Analysis

    Analysis your web page for deprecated tags, missing tags, missing attributes and more.

  • Site Social Data

    Check how many shares and comments your site has on Facebook. Also contains data from Stumbleupon, linkedin, pinterest and Google+.

  • Save Data

    Save your regular expressions, colors and URLs.

  • Share Data

    Share your regular expressions, colors and URLs.

  • Dark Material Theme

    Switch between a light material theme and a dark material theme.

XDA Thread

PassKeep and WebTools have their own threads on XDA Developers. You can use their respective threads to get in contact with me, report bugs or request new features. If you would rather not use XDA Developers you can contact me using the contact form.

PassKeep XDA thread WebTools XDA thread

If you would like to translate either PassKeep or WebTools then please get in touch with me through the contact form. or in one of the XDA threads. Both applications are up on OneSkyApp which you will need an account for (its free).

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