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  • question_answers Can I use browser sync on localhost?

    Yes you can. See the browser sync help option.

  • question_answers How can I use the regex replacement option?

    First you must enable the replacement option from the overflow menu icon in the actionbar.
    Take the regular expression: ^([0-1][0-9]|[2][0-3]):([0-5][0-9])$ - This simple regular expression matches the time in 24 hour format. It has two groups denoted by the brackets. We can reference the first group using $1 and the second group using $2 and so on. If we have a test data 10:20 and we write the replacemnt expression as $2:$1 the result will be 20:10.

  • question_answers In the color picker why does the palette change when I pan and zoom to other parts of the image?

    It has been coded this way so that the palette is generated based on the colors currently in the view finder and not the image as a whole.

  • question_answers Can I change the user agent for browser sync?

    Currently you can only switch between mobile and desktop. I may add other user agents and custom user agents in future updates. This also goes for the source viewer.

  • question_answers Can I change the theme of the syntax highlighter?

    Not yet, I do plan on adding different themes in a future update.